Reflective Safety Vests W/ Zipper (Multiple Pockets)


Reflective Safety Vests W/ Zipper (Multiple Pockets)


Breathable 100% Polyester comes in Florescent Orange or Yellow, High Visibility, Multipurpose Safety vest



Reflective Safety Vests are a protective form of clothing. They are worn to increase visibility in possible dangerous conditions. Therefore, as a safety measure precaution, high-visibility (high-vis) reflective vests are used by many different people in the  industry. To ensure and meet safety requirements for workers and the job sites. This reflective safety vest has a zipper closure. Additionally, they have 360-degree visibility and breathable polyester material. To keep your body cool in warmer weather. Also, includes two large pockets and ultra-light mesh fabric that provides instant comfort for all day wear.

These high-vis safety vests are perfect to be worn in any possible dangerous condition. These high-vis safety vests are for both men and women. They come in fluorescent orange or fluorescent yellow. Comfortable and light weight. These specific safety vests are multi-functional. For construction, warehouse workers, outdoor running, and job sites. Also, they are ideal for forestry workers, law enforcement personnel, or school crossing guards. Non-ANSI Class-1.  Reflective safety vest for workers working close to moving traffic. Especially, close to or between 20 miles per hour or operating heavy equipment. Easy mobility and all day comfort.


  • Construction Workers
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Outdoor Running
  • Job Sites
  • Airport Baggage Handlers
  • Ground Crew
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Toll gate Personnel
  • Forestry Workers
  • Law Enforcement Personnel


  • MATERIAL: 100% Polyester mesh
  • REFLECTIVE STRIPES: High visibility with (2) reflective strips 5 cm in width
  • DESIGN: Multi-pocket, horizontal stripes for and two vertical reflective shoulder stripes 360-degree visibility.
  • CLOSURE: Zipper
  • PACKING: One piece per bag
  • COLOR: Fluorescent Orange or Fluorescent Yellow options



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